Touristic trails/ Nature and wellness

Package 2

Let us introduce a hiking path that starts in Bicske. Take Szent László street and cross the national main road. You can find there a very safe underpass. Walk to the right and follow the cycling path. You walk about 3 km, and you reach the top of the closes hill where you find an ancient Observatory and a Mausoleum. You keep walking uphill and reach the Golgota, three crucifixes on the top of a hill. From there you can have a look at the village called Mány and at the fish lake. Walking downhill you reach the village where you can stop for some drinks or snacks. Crossing the village you find the cycling trail, follow it. You walk past a little stream and reach the village called Csabdi. Just follow the trail uphill. From the center of the village, you get to the ruins of an ancient church. (from the 13th century) Here you can have some free time activities. (You can play in the wood, or you find a place where you can make BBQ.)
In the village, there is a nice Italian restaurant. It is worth to visit it as well.
Walking back to Bicske follow the cycle path. You reach the town at a roundabout.
The hiking path is about 15 km. 

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