Gastronomy/ Food, wine and traditions

Package 3

If you wish to discover the region's best food and wine, this path is a must. It offers exciting places to visit, as well. Traveling from Bicske to Etyek, you find a wine region. Taste the most delicate wines of the region. (Be careful, they are very tasty, do not drink too much.) In Etyek you find the most famous film factory in Hungary, the Studio Corda. It is worth a visit. Walk around this picaresque village. Heading to Felcsút, you find an excellent place to visit, the Pannonia Golf club. Take a break and enjoy golf. After this sports activity, you deserve some treat. Have an ice cream or a piece of cake with coffee at Randevú patisserie in Bicske. For dinner, you can go out in the town and enjoy a delicious dinner at Korona Restaurant.

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